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2022 Nutrition Challenge Sign-Up

For 28 days we will be learning and putting to use the nutritional strategies you'll use for the rest of your life. This isn't a diet program, this isn't a restriction diet, this isn't anything else, this is what nutrition was meant to be. If you follow these guidelines, you'll not only lose fat, you'll feel healthier; and more importantly, know how to eat better yourself the future! This challenge goes beyond just eating, we will try to be healthier in every aspect (sleep, stress, work, etc). If you're worried about messing up, STOP, by signing up you will be put into a private Facebook group with people just like you where we will track ourselves off a point system, not if you're perfect, because none of us are...and in this challenge every one of us (even me) will slip up, but that's apart of life... BUT we will know how get back up and crush the next day! PROGRESS NOT PERFECTION!

$20 Entry Fee

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