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Slade Barbell Club


My goal since I started Personal Training has been to promote long term health in fitness and nutrition; that doesn't just get great short term results, but shows you how to maintain those results for the rest of your life! I am not interested in setting you up on a program that will get you results in 30 days, and leave you wondering why you gained it all back after your done. So I created Slade Barbell Club to give you every tool you need to become a healthier YOU! It is YOUR body, and only YOU know what YOUR healthy looks like. Lose weight, build lean muscle, and just get in better shape!

Simple to sign up, NO additional fees or obligations

$50 per month

*By signing up, you agree to the terms and conditions stated here

Here's What's Included...

A new workout every day of the month.

Delicious recipes so your diet (lifestyle) never gets boring. 

My "8 Guaranteed Tricks to Lose the Belly Fat" E-Book FREE

Nutrition tips and tricks to lose weight, build lean muscle, and live healthier!

Changing workout routine that always changes to avoid hitting plateaus. 

Access to informative workout videos so you always know how to perform exercises correctly and what weight to use. 

Private Facebook group

4 Different workout tracks

Private Forum for Q&A and FAQs so you never have a question that goes unanswered.

Notes on each workout from me.

An app that tracks all of your results and PRs

And so much more!

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