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Like most other women, I always thought that hours if cardio and low calorie diets were the key to losing weight.  But that led me to years of up and down on the scale (mostly up).  I began training with Dylon in the spring of 2016.  I had a cruise booked so it was time to begin the necessary workout and quit eating.  Or so I thought.  Dylon first introduced me to HIIT, which was a much more bearable form of cardio.  Before too long he had me lifting weights.  And much to my surprise I LOVED IT!  Most women are strong, we just don’t know it.  I began eating his meal plan—so much more food!  I was never starving.  When i began fueling my body correctly and working it effectively, the results were astounding.  The results in my appearance are not my major accomplishment.  I am most proud of how strong I have become.  Squat 225 pounds?  Yes I can.  Deadlift 245?  Yep.  Strong is more than the new skinny.  It’s the new me.


“When I was a few years younger I would workout and train. My junior year of high school I became very ill and was unable to follow through with sports and most physically demanding activities. I resulted to eating food and sitting around feeling sorry for my self. I would make excuses saying it was alright to be letting myself go. I finally had enough and went to Dylon. I was seeing results sooner than expected because of the drastic change in my diet. Being strict to my diet(not treating it like a religion) and following a solid workout plan, I was able to get back in shape. Since then I still workout with Dylon and am constantly challenging myself and being challenged by him to see results. Thanks to Dylon Draper, I now push my body to its limits and I’m loving it.”


When I first started training with Dylon, out of shape was an understatement!! I had started a weight loss journey, but was totally clueless about exercising and had the common misconception that I had to do tons of cardio. I’m so thankful that I met Dylon, he  is very knowledgeable, not only about fitness but about diet/lifestyle, as well! Without him, I probably would’ve given up on my fitness journey, out of boredom and frustration. 


I started working out with Dylon this past summer after having gastric sleeve surgery.  To date, I’ve lost 38 lbs and 24 inches overall, doing nothing but lifting weights, and I love it. I haven’t felt this good in 20 years!


When I first met Dylon I was very unhealthy. Just doing daily activities would tire me out. With the help of Dylon not only have I reached my weight loss goal by losing 68 lbs, but we have set new goals and have begun to focus on gaining muscle.


Draper Fitness has changed my life. The workouts are awesome, and Dylon’s positivity always motivates me to push myself. Thanks to the meal plans and nutrition info, I feel better because I’ve learned to feed my body in a healthy way. Since becoming a client, not only have I seen great results but also a positive lifestyle change.

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