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How to break a weight loss plateau!

So I get asked this question quite often and have never done a post about it, even though it is one of my frequently asked questions. There are a lot of things that could help you break a weight loss plateau. Normally, I see that someone is not eating enough food, and their body has plateaued from the low amount of calories that it is used to. As everyone knows by now, I'm a strong advocate to eat healthy and eat a lot of food, I'm not a supporter of starving yourself. Another thing that could help you break a plateau is eliminating bread and sugar from your diet. This is harder for some than others, and I'm not saying eliminate bread completely, but know what type of bread (ezekiel bread) and when (normally post workout or morning) to eat the bread is best for you. If you've done these things and are still at a plateau, make sure you are at a calorie deficit by checking your TDEE. If again, you're doing this, then you need to either, decrease calories again (I don't recommend), increase calorie expenditure (doing more weight training exercises or cardio to burn more calories), and including re-feed days into your diet. Re-Feed days are days that I recommend for sure! They're just one day or two days a week that you can treat yourself and increase your calories for the day. What this will do is increase production of your leptin and T3 hormones, which is the king of all fat burning hormones! That is what they mean when they say that "cheat days shock your body". If you need any help, message me and let me know!

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