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TWO Things That Guarantee Fat Loss Success!

Too often we see that people get on the weight loss/eating healthy train, then in one-two weeks they jump off. Whatever the reason is, I believe the #1 reason is that people set generalistic goals for themselves, such as, "I am going to exercise more", "I will eat healthier", etc. I try to give out as much free information as I can on healthy living and exercise that there shouldn't be any more jumping off the train because of lack of info, the info is there, we just have to know how to set goals better to stay on track. These TWO things are going to guarantee your weight loss success!

#1: Set a 7 day goal AND a 30 day goal

Example of 7 day goal: "I want to workout 5/7 days of the week" or "I want to stick to my meal plan and only have one "reward meal" this week"!

Example of 30 day goal: "I want to lose 7 pounds and lose two inches around my waist"

#2: Write them down on TWO sticky notes

You might think this is silly, but the human mind is astounding, and evidence shows that when you see something written in your handwriting, it has a bigger effect on if you'll stay the course to what you wrote. I want you to put one sticky note on your fridge and one on your car's dashboard. DO IT NOW!

I can guarantee you these two things will have a dramatic effect on not only your way of living, but your mind-state when doing it. Whatever goal you might have in fitness, it is all about staying the course. If you stay the course and stick with it and not give up, you can accomplish whatever you want to! COMMIT TO BE FIT!

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