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This morning I was rushing to work and totally forgot to eat breakfast, so what did I do? I stopped at McDonald's! Now I know that McDonald's is the furthest thing from whole foods that you can get BUT I know everyone has been in that situation before. WHAT you get at these fast food places is very important, because even I have days like today, where I have no choice but to eat fast food. Check out what I got though!

*Chicken Muffin WITH EGG (you have to ask for it)


*Black Coffee

You will have days like I did today where you have no choice but to eat on the go, do not skip a meal though, I'd much rather you improvise, like I did today and make the most out of your options. No one is perfect, we are not always going to have all of your meals prepped and ready to go all of the time, I totally understand, but that's no reason to skip out on a meal!

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