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Crash Dieting (with Homer Simpson)

"Maintenance Calories" is the number of calories that all of us need to remain exactly the same weight. This number is different for everyone but anything below 1,500 calories is a no go. To diet, you and Homer need to eat below this number ("calorie deficit") in order to lose body fat.

Homers maintenance calories: 2,500 calories

He decides to diet aggressively by cutting 1,000 calories through eliminating his favorite foods and adding a lot of cardio. His body has to adapt to this dieting by losing fat and decreasing his previous maintenance calories (slowing down his metabolism which is NORMAL when dieting) to a new maintenance calorie level.

Homers maintenance calories: 1,500 calories

BUT lets say a couple weeks later, he gets sick of dieting and decides to jump back to his old maintenance calories (most do this without knowing) *picture 1* or possibly even higher. His newly adapted "dieting metabolism" has not had the proper time to catch up yet to this increased calories intake, and as a result, puts on fat at a much faster rate than he had in the beginning.

Homers post diet maintenance calories: 2,000 calories


-Track your food, don't go below 500g of your maintenance!

-Protein is most important, so track that first! **0.8 - 1.2g per pound of body weight.**

-Track how you feel, how much you're lifting, and how you're performing in the gym.

-Carb cycle or use Flexible Dieting so you can enjoy the things you love so you're never depriving yourself.

-Be patient, consistent, and don't look for "quick fixes"

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