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Why you're not losing fat...

A lot of people go to the gym, but why is it that only a certain few people see results? I'm going to give you 4 of the biggest reasons why people are not losing weight. THEN, I'm going to share what actually causes weight gain!

1. Focused on the Short-term fluctuations instead of long term progress.

➡️ Supplement companies have ruined hard work...what do I mean? I mean that these "flat abs in 30 minutes" and "lose 10 pounds in a week" scams that trick people into buying their products have made society think its easy and quick to lose weight. The truth is, it isn't easy to lose weight... it takes a long time, yet people will be okay with cutting carbs for a month and doing excessive amounts of cardio just to lose 10 pounds, even if that means they gain 15 back when it is all over.

2. Focused on temporary changes instead of building habits.

➡️ Temporary changes such as, "I won't eat carbs anymore" or "I'll never eat healthy fats again because my aunt Susan lost a lot of weight that way." when really, they know its not realistic for you. Now, if you can live without eating carbs, then thats cool, but most people can not, and that forces people to live unhappily and shifts their focus to punishing themselves when they do eat a carb. In reality, you can have so many carbs and still lose weight. Also, don't restrict your calories to under 1,500 just to lose some short term weight, in reality, all you're doing is starving yourself and eating off all of your lean muscle, thats why you're losing weight.

3. Focused on "good" and "bad" foods instead of calories and macros.

➡️ News flash: there are no "good" or "bad" foods..... some foods are definitely more nutritious than others, some foods have fewer calories, but labeling a food good or bad, gives food a morality, which makes you feel bad when you eat it. Focus on what is going to change your body the way you want it to change! If that means, once a week splurging on some 🍕 then do it!

4. Focussed on what works for others instead of what works for YOU!

➡️ Just because Claudia from accounting lost a lot of weight using Paleo doesn't mean it is going to work for you. If you don't think you can live a paleo lifestyle, don't do it! That goes for all "diets", make it a lifestyle, not just something you do for a couple of weeks!


❌Eating late at night makes you fat

❌Eating carbs makes you fat

❌Eating fat makes you fat

❌Skipping breakfast makes you fat

❌Eating fruit makes you fat

✅Eating too many calories makes you fat....

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