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Alcohol and weight loss...

Alcohol could be the root of your problems when it comes to weight loss.... It also could be something that doesn't play a big factor, or a factor at ALL! Everything is okay in moderation, and alcohol has some amazing health benefits, but IN MODERATION... Now, if you are struggling to lose weight, you are watching what you eat, yet you binge drink on the weekends and don't want to give that up, then it could be a problem for your weight loss journey...


Alcohol is far as calories go, there is the same amount of calories in the same amount of alcohol, no matter the beverage. "Light" beers have less alcohol meaning you're consuming less calories overall. BUT there are hidden calories in some drinks, and some are better for weight loss than others.


Cocktails are something you should avoid at all costs, they're loaded with simple sugars which will send your calorie count way up since they use syrups, fruit juices, and concentrates..... not to mention the chips and queso, pizza, or wings you'll get with it. While we are on the subject of excess calories, Gin and Tonic have about 200 calories per serving (there's about as much sugar as there is alcohol). If you like your alcohol sweet, opt for a Bloody Mary or a Sazerac, which have fewer calories and less of a blood sugar spike.


When losing weight, make sure to stick to the spirits, red wine, and champagne. Vodka, rum, whiskey, etc are all spirits that are low calorie, and normally, you will consume less of it. If you need to pair it with a soda, pair it with a 0 calorie drink, not a diet drink. We all know that red wine has some amazing benefits, but of course, in moderation.


-Remember this is a "treat meal" not a "cheat day"... So have you're treat meal in moderation, and get back on track, because you deserve it after all. Feasting late at night after drinking could lead to a lot of excess calories.

-Snack during the night on foods that fit your meal plan and calories. We all know you are not going to eat just once if you're out and about, so make sure after you're treat meal, you consume healthy snacks, it will fill you up, and help you restrain from ordering 2 pizzas.

-Save the greasy food for the morning... Not only will you not feel like eating it the next morning, if you do, those excess calories will be used to help your body recover.

-Make sure you are drinking plenty of water.....If you know you are going out that night, make sure to drink plenty of water before you head out and while you are out.

-NO WEIGHT LOSS OR DIET PILLS (you already know those don't work anyways)

-Count your macros (protein, carbs, fats) at the end of the day, that's what it all comes down to.

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