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You need to eat this before workouts...

Now we all know that we should be consuming protein before we workout and after. BUT, what is the best compliment to protein, pre-workout? Carbs? or Fats?

Let me first start off by saying that this is mostly personal preference. One that that is for certain is that you NEED PROTEIN before and after. Carbs and fats are going to be more of a trial and error thing for you. You will have to experiment which one gives you the best workout. Some of my clients eat chicken and avocados, others eat chicken and sweet potatoes. So you can do a little experimentation


Carbs and fats both provide the body with energy for training, so it also comes down to your goals. If you are trying to put on lean muscle, you might want to eat carbs pre-workout to push more glycogen into the muscles, while someone might try eating fats pre-workout to give them a better mental focus. Carbs, are also quicker digesting than fats, so you may like to eat 30 minutes pre-workout, while on the other hand, you might need an hour or so to digest fats.

DO NOT be worried with the notion that carbs are bad. That statement is flawed in so many ways but I will sum it up in two ways!

☝🏻. Fat loss is determined by OVERALL CALORIE intake over the day/week. Not just how many carbs you eat. Carbs have 4 calories per gram just like protein....

✌🏻. Your workout is where you should be trying to build more lean muscle so that you can burn more fat throughout your lifetime, not just in a couple weeks. THEREFORE, it makes sense to eat carbs...


As far as what I prefer.... I prefer eating carbs pre-workout. BUT I make all my meals first thing in the morning, so if I can't eat carbs pre-workout, I don't sweat it, I make sure to have a protein source and whatever else I have to fuel my workout!

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