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These two things guarantee fat loss

To start, let me just say, that there is a difference between weight loss and fat loss. Today, our society loves to lose weight, but doesn't care much about fat loss.... You might think that's not true, but think about it, our society lets the scale indicate our level of happiness, when in all actuality, the number on the scale doesn't just weight fat, it weighs water, muscle, clothing, etc. So, our society does whatever is necessary to get the scale to go down do you do that? Cut carbs is one of the most popular ways, this is just a trick though to make your body retain less water making it seem as though you've lost fat when in actuality, you've just lost energy and water. Lots of cardio is another way....who cares if your losing muscle because you're not weight training and only doing cardio as long as the scale is going down, am I right? NOT TRUE! If you want to lose fat, long term, forever, not just for a certain period of time.... do these two things!

1. - - Consuming fewer calories than you are burning throughout the day/ week. For starters, subtract 300-500 calories from your BMR (found here). Stay in a calorie deficitThis is how you lose weight

2. - - Protein will help you retain the muscles that you gain when strength training while keeping you lean. Strive for 0.8x - 1.2x your body weight in grams of protein (180 lbs = 144g - 216g). If you are unsure on how to count protein, get an app such as "myfitnesspal" or "mike's macros" to track what you eat for you!Consume enough proteinThis is how you lose fat


I hope this helps! If you have any questions, you know where to find me! See ya later!


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