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Calories can't tell time

So, the myth is that you can't eat past a certain period of time at night because your body will store it as fat since it won't be utilized. Another myth is that you can't eat carbs past a certain period of time as well.... who knows where these myths came from, but I'm here to bust them.


First off, carbs don't make you fat, neither does eating past a certain time. In fact, eating carbs at night could actually help you get a better nights sleep. There are plenty of studies that point to carbs helping you feel more relaxed before bedtime and helping you get a nice, deep sleep. (sleep is very anabolic btw, which means burning calories and lean muscle gain) Also, they help to refill your glycogen stores the day before you train so you will have an even better workout the next day!

Meal at 1pm

Meal at 10pm

The thing is, excess calories make you gain weight, period. You could eat all of your daily calories at 10pm and it be the same as if you ate 8 meals equalling the same amount of calories throughout the day.

1 meal at 2,000 calories = 8 meals at 2,000 calories

Calories can not tell time, so eat whenever it fits into your schedule, not when other people tell you. The formula for success is

Calorie deficit + high protein + strength training = fat loss

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