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Curving the late night munchies

You enter the kitchen, it's late at night, and all you want is sweets. You can't go back to sleep because you're so you eat an entire pint of blue bell ice cream... Sound like you? Or at least something similar? Well we are going to discuss how to dodge those late night cravings like Muhammad Ali did to punches.


First, we have to talk about why. Why do you have these cravings? Why are you not hungry until after dark? Like, what's going on here? Here's the truth...most trainers and nutritionists will tell you just don't eat, make sure to avoid them at all costs... Those are the same trainers who tell you that super-setting cardio machines is going to help you lose fat. THE REALITY IS you're not eating enough food.... Even if you are trying to lose weight, you're body needs food, if you have read any of my blogs or facebook or instagram posts, you know this. BUT this is one of the biggest indicators you're not eating enough. It's sort of like you're car, if you go on a road trip (your day) and only put in $5 worth of gas (food for the day) your car will eventually stop running and need more fuel to go (you need more food). Not having a regular eating schedule, skipping meals, not eating enough food, etc. all lead to the late night munchies.


BUT there could be a chance that, that is not you, and you may eat plenty of food throughout the day. In that case, you're emotional eating... make sure you know the difference... If you're not even eating 1,500 calories a day, you're physically hungry, and you should eat. You know if you've been skipping meals and not eating.... but anyways, back to this emotional eating stuff.... this effects almost every one of us at some point...some of us, it happens when we pass fast food restaurants and smell food, or even when we see ice cream in the isles of Walmart, but mostly, it's late night, and ALL THE TIME, we can avoid it. But how? Well there are a few ways, the easiest way, is to brush your teeth and use mouthwash, because everything you eat after that, will taste bad 😂. Secondly, drink you a 0 calorie drink or coffee and call it a night (which could also help with your thirst as well.). Lastly, get your mind off of it, answer an email, call a friend, etc, if it's truly emotional, it will go away since emotional eating is normally due to being bored!


BUT what it all comes down to, like always, is the type of choices you make. Greek yogurt, rice cakes and peanut butter, handful of almonds or some fruit, is all better than a bowl of cereal, ice cream, or candy, which is the normal choices of a night time binge.

I hope this helps someone out there! As always if you have any questions or need me to help you on your way to becoming the best you, click HERE


-Dylon Draper

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