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The single most important tool to be FIT

When people come and ask me the question of "what is the most important thing I need to be doing to lose weight and be fit?" I tell them the truth. The truth is some times hard to hear because in todays word, we are promised abs in a week, 10 pounds of fat loss in a week, etc. etc. So when I tell someone, "YOU HAVE TO CHANGE YOUR MINDSET", they tend to believe its not that easy and that I'm withholding some information like a diet pill or special workout or a diet, when in reality, I'm not....

The reality is, I can show you (and I have shown you) transformation after transformation, testimony after testimony, post motivation quote after motivational quote, I could even cook your meals for you and give you all the information needed to lose weight.... but the truth is, YOU have to WANT TO get up and WORK for it! That is the "magic pill". Your mindset is the magic pill that is going to change your actions. Thoughts become things, and if you think about what you want, talk about it, reaaaally go for it, and believe you can, I truly believe nothing can stop you.

Lesson of the day: SHIFT YOUR MINDSET, believe in yourself, and get out there and do whatever it is you wanna do. Make working out fun, there will never be a perfect time to start, so start now!

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