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Are you working out or training?

Let's get straight to the point... You're working out...not training.

By the way, there's a huge difference... Everyone that goes to the gym works out, but very few are training. So, what's the difference? First, ask yourself these things...could you be working harder? Every day you're not going to feel like working out and giving it your all, even I don't feel that way every day. SECRET: NO ONE DOES. Do you track your progress in the gym? Or do you just go in and hop on a machine, and hope for the best. Do you track your nutrition? Or do you follow whatever is popular and just "yo-yo diet". Working out is a random approach to fitness, it's like going to a fancy restaurant and ordering chicken, yeah it's better than not eating at all, but you can do so much better. Training, is already knowing what you want at that fancy restaurant, making a reservation a month in advance, and tipping the waiter even though the service was sub-par.


I've got 5 things that, if you do, you will go from working out, to training... and I GUARANTEE you will start seeing more results.

1. Start following a workout program or hire a trainer. It doesn't have to be me, or my programs. BUT programs and trainers are meant to teach you and keep you on track. You know those days you don't wanna go to the gym, so you either don't come or you do the bare minimal and you half a$% your way through the workout? Yeah, not anymore, because that trainer or program should kick your butt every day. You will never leave a hard workout feeling like you shouldn't have come. If you think it's not worth the money, you've got the wrong trainer in mind. GREAT trainers and their programs are worth every penny.

2. Start tracking your food. I seen a statistic the other day that said 3/4 of people OVERESTIMATE their calorie consumption. Being a trainer, I know that is defiantly true. Most people don't realize (even me some times) how many calories they are really consuming. They forget about the 600 calorie coffee and the condiments like ranch they use and don't measure. Just because one serving is only 45 calories, doesn't mean you're actually consuming one serving. Track your food, write it down, or get an app like myfitnesspal. You might be very shocked.

3. Switch it up. When's the last time you did something different? When's the last time you ran sprints at the track? When's the last time you swam laps in the pool? When's the last time you lifted heavy weights? When's the last time you ran as far as you could without stopping? When's the last time you did something uncomfortable. Doing the same thing every week, is what makes your body plateau. I see this in the gym more than anything...people come and do the same exact thing day in and day out. Seeing the same results all year round, wondering what's wrong. This is another reason to get a trainer or program, because I know I switch things up daily, and the rest of the programs and trainers should too.

4. Track your strength. This is a big one too... lots of people will have weeks, maybe months when they don't see difference on the scale. But, they get a lot stronger, and they have no idea because they aren't tracking any of it or pushing themselves to actually get stronger. Lifting heavy weights is how you get stronger, if you're not doing this, then start. It may sound intimidating, but "heavy" is different for everyone! You lift what is heavy for you, write down how many times you did it, then check back again next week and see if you improved! If you start getting stronger, but seeing no progress on the scale, but seeing a difference in your clothing, its because you're getting muscles! Which is amazing! Muscles make everyone look leaner and just overall healthier! (Plus, the more muscle you have, the more calories you burn every day). Don't worry ladies, you won't get big like a man.

5. Outwork yesterday. So, I really believe that in every scenario, and at all times, there is someone inside you that can push harder, go longer, and out work you. No matter how hard you go, there's a person inside you that could've pushed harder and worked harder. So, how do you beat that person? Work harder than you did yesterday....

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