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Lets Talk Science (Hydration)

When we think of hydration, most think “more water”... but electrolytes are the key. These crucial minerals are better known as sodium, calcium, magnesium, potassium. These dissolve into ions that have positive & negative charges which conduct electricity in water. Your body is close to 80% water, & every function is directed by an electrical signal from the brain flowing through that water. Think about that.

These salts are ions with charges of positive electricity that control the flow of water into our cells & nerve impulses in our bodies. Water follows these charges & always goes to the side of the cell wall that has the greater number of electrolytes (which is why you want to keep them IN your cells). This is why sweat tastes salty; that’s all your positive charges pulling water from the cell, to the skin surface for cooling. This also means you are accelerating a negative balance of cell hydration that a bro-jug of water alone will not correct.

🔥 ID Life’s HYDRATE breakdown 🔥:

•CALCIUM? Calcium is essential to maintaining total body health. Your body needs it every day not just to keep your bones & teeth strong over your lifetime, but also to ensure proper functioning of muscles & nerves. Every single muscle fiber contraction requires calcium, so if you’re pushing yourself, supplementing calcium is vital to not just your performance... but your long-term wellness.

•SODIUM? This mineral gets a bad rap because most of the sodium in the American diet comes from processed foods. However, sodium is easily one of the two most important electrolytes. Balance of fluid inside & outside of the cell is a key function of sodium and is the main reason for the salty taste of sweat. As your body depletes this electrolyte to keep you cool, you become more susceptible to the symptoms of hyponatremia (occurs when water & sodium are out of balance). You’ve felt this before: fatigue, low energy, nausea, & muscle cramps/spasms.

•POTASSIUM? Sodium is only a problem without its balancing partner, potassium. With this electrolyte, you are able to maintain the delicate balance needed for cellular hydration. Of all the electrolytes, this bad boy is the main contributor to healthy blood pressure levels & muscle strength. Less than 2% of people in the U.S. consume enough, making supplementation almost a MUST.

•MAGNESIUM? This mineral is a cofactor in more than 300 enzyme systems that regulate diverse biochemical reactions in the body, including protein synthesis, muscle and nerve function, blood sugar control, & blood pressure. Considering that magnesium is essential for the breakdown of glucose (stored calories) & the conversion of them into ATP (cellular energy), this mineral is a non-negotiable for athletes & anyone looking to perform at their best.

•COCONUT WATER POWDER? It contains easily digestible sugars & electrolytes! Probably the most natural way on the planet to obtain some quick hydration. Only 10 calories worth... enough to help your cells do what they need, but not enough to affect a caloric deficit.

•B VITAMINS, VITAMIN C, CHROMIUM, & TAURINE? The b-vitamins in Hydrate play key roles in energy production & riboflavin (B2) is also required to recycle glutathione, a powerful anti-oxidant within the cells. Vitamin C is crucial as it plays a role in all tissue repair as well as helping the body to produced certain neurotransmitters. Last but certainly not least, taurine is a conditional amino acid that improves mental performance & doubles as an antioxidant, as well!


In my opinion, considering the very well documented deficiencies in these nutrients & minerals, this is a supplement that should be a household standard. And if you’re active, or even simply looking to live a quality life beyond the couch... you’ll need to to replenish electrolytes intentionally. I use Hydrate, a “clean” product with no soy, gmo, gluten, or artificial sweeteners. It only contains evidence-based ingredients (as we’ve discussed) & is 3rd party tested for quality.

Simply put, it’s an electrolyte replenisher that contains antioxidants, some coconut water extract, & I prefer it over the calorie-bomb replenishers because I get to choose what I pair it with: If I’m after fat-loss, I may drink it solo. Protecting lean muscle mass, I’ll take it with aminos or a whey. If I’m looking for max performance, I’m pairing it with a fibrous fruit (any berry) to open up a few extra metabolic pathways. Get it & find out what your body can do operating at 100%.

CLICK HERE to find out more! (Make sure to take that assessment too (its free!))

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